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Tess Spentzos was born in Ottawa, Canada. Her mother is Canadian and her father Greek. Born into a family who live and breathe film, it was only a matter of time she got the film bug. Tess grew up in Athens, Greece and began acting in commercials at a very young age. She spent most evenings of her childhood waiting for her father to finish work roaming the halls and hanging out in the projector booth of the classical movie theatre​ ​her family owns downtown called, ‘​IDEAL,’​ where she was fascinated watching the stars dance upon the silver screen.


At the age of sixteen she landed her first role in a film in a Hollywood production being shot in Egypt titled, Young Alexander. In 2012, Tess Spentzos landed her first lead role in the psychological thriller LURK as 'Ann.' LURK held it’s first public screening in 2013 as part of the Athens International Film Festival’s ​Opening Nights​, a showcase for films making new trends and discovering new talent not yet internationally known. When the film was officially released at the Athens Horror Film Festival, Tess was given the title ‘Scream Queen’ from the festival fans. The film also received good reviews including one from Greece’s top cinema magazine: “Tess Spentzos gives a riveting, pithy performance in which she evokes images of a classic vamp, in the 60’s style of Grace Kelly, or the more modern Sharon Stone.” (CineMAD, 24 Sep.2013)

Over the years, Tess landed roles in various films shot in Europe and Canada and has been lucky enough to observe and learn while on set from some incredible talent such as James D’Arcy (Master and Commander), Colm Meany (Hell On Wheels), Lauren Cohan (Walking Dead), Sam Heughan (Outlander), and Riccardo Scamarcio (John Wick: Chapter 2), as well as getting the chance to work with some talented directors such as Darren Lynn Bousman on Saw IV, and Academy Award-winning director for Best Foreign Language Film, Costas Gavras, in Eden Is West.

Tess recently completed filming her second feature playing the lead role of ‘Becky’ in The Light Touch, a comedy in English shot in Greece, directed by Robert MacLean and produced by Claudio Castravelli.  Tess received a nomination for best actress in the film at the Maverick Movie Awards. The Light Touch has been completed and is due for release in 2021.

As for her most recent film, Tess had the opportunity to work with award winning Iranian director Abdolreza Kahani in Toronto, Canada, on his film a psychological thriller, Isthmus. Isthmus is due to be released in 2021.  


Currently  Tess is due to film a short horror film in Alberta, Canada directed by Stanley Papulkas called Highway 13. We look forward to its release in 2021.

Tess Spentzos, Gala Magazine

Photo by: Penelopi Massouri

"Acting is my way of investigating human nature and having fun at the same time."

                                                               Meryl Streep

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